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Based in Boston, MA, “Video Game Orchestra” is a widely acclaimed music project that performs arrangements of mega popular video game scores in their signature “rockestral” style, which includes a high-energy rock band, singers, and an orchestra.

Founded in 2008 by Okinawan-native musician/guitarist Shota Nakama, Video Game Orchestra (aka VGO) quickly gained popularity for its engaging live musical performances that place entertainment and excitement at the forefront of their shows.

VGO has been featured in a number of large-scale international gaming events such as PAX East, PAX Prime, Brasil Game Show, ChinaJoy, San Diego Comic Con, Thailand Game Show, and more making them one of the few international video game music acts today.

In between tours, VGO is actively involved in the creation of soundtracks for video games with their music and video production company, soundtrec. VGO musicians can be found credited on major AAA titles such as Final Fantasy XV as well as indie smash hits like No Straight Roads and Gigabash.


VGO most recently collaborated with MARVEL to produce their first-ever online concert for their “Marvel Future Revolutions.”

 Top Videos on our YouTube Channel 
Escape from the City (Brazil Game Show 2019)
Weight of the World Unplugged Ver. (from Nier: Automata)
Heavens Divide (Live at Brazil Game Show 2019)
Snake Eater (Live at Symphony Hall)



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Sept 16, 2023

London, Barbican Hall (3:30pm show)

Sept 16, 2023

London, Barbican Hall (8:00pm show)

Oct 21, 2023

Boston, Emerson Colonial Theatre

Sept 30, 2023

Los Angeles, Dolby Theatre (3:30pm show)

Sept 30, 2023

Los Angeles, Dolby Theatre (8:00pm show)

Oct 14, 2023

São Paulo, Brasil Game Show

Oct 15, 2023

São Paulo, Brasil Game Show

Jan 20, 2024

Washington DC, Warner Theater

Oct 28, 2023

Chicago, Auditorium Theatre

Nov 17, 2023

Düsseldorf, Mitsubishi Electric Halle

Dec 15, 2023

San Antonio, Majestic Theatre

Dec 29, 2023

Atlanta, Cobb Energy P.A.C.

Jan 05, 2024

Seattle, Paramount Theatre

Jan 06, 2024

San Francisco, Davies Symphony Hall

Jan 27, 2024

Kansas City, Kansas City Music Hall